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Our Short Story

OrderPlug is a localized premium online ordering widget launched in October 2013 by Cybeinc.

OrderPlug is a web-based software that allows retail businesses to automatically receive and process orders from their own Facebook page, website and mobile app. On the website, the ‘Online Order’ option appears in the menu tab which contains a list of items with pricing mentioned.

The customer has the ease of selection, adding the items to the cart, choosing delivery and takeaway option and then proceeding to checkout which also shows the billed amount. Likewise, the widget has the same function on the Facebook page and the android application.

On the backend, the retail business receives the order and confirms it via call to the customer. It has helped many businesses organize their delivery orders and cause lesser confusion caused by taking multiple orders via phone or in the comments section of their facebook page. The software is designed to eliminate error and enable accuracy.

Many a times, orders go unnoticed by the business manager, using OrderPlug prevents that as an email is generated which is sent to multiple addresses, SMS is received on the manager’s phone and beep notifications are generated on the computer system until the time the restaurant confirms the order.

It is designed for the convenience of customers, keeping in mind that they need free and open access to services and products in today’s age. On the other hand, for businesses, it adds to their efficiency and enhances their quality of service.

Whether the business requires us to integrate the widget on their website, support their android app or enable it on their Facebook page, our support team will provide you just that within 48 hours of consent.