frequently asked questions
  • 1
    What is OrderPlug?

    It is an easy to use widget, integrated on your Facebook page, website or android app to place orders. OrderPlug enables customers to place orders using any convenient platform such as Facebook page, android app or by logging on to their website.

  • 2
    What are the main functions of OrderPlug?

    - Helping the customer to place the order online.

    - Managing and organizing orders for the retail business.

  • 3
    What do customers see on the front-end?

    They will only be able to see your menu/products prices. They can select items accordingly.

  • 4
    Who provides the back end support?

    Our team of developers will do the entire setup for you.

  • 5
    What do I do when I want to update my menu/product list?

    Feel free to update the menu/product list whenever you like. This is in your full control.

  • 6
    What is the installation time period?

    It takes only 48 hours for team to install the service.

  • 7
    What is the mode of payment for orders received on the website, through app or Facebook?

    Cash will be received on delivery or as per your businesses’ payment acceptance methods.

  • 8
    Who has access to backend panel where orders are received?

    One user ID will be generated which you can give access to your business manager.

  • 9
    Can I manage multiple outlets using OrderPlug?

    Yes you can, the person sitting on the admin panel can prioritize and assign orders to respective outlets.

  • 10
    How will I know when my business has received an order?

    As soon as the order is received, the system generates an email which is sent to multiple email addresses. Until the order is confirmed by the manager, the system will keep beeping and issuing an alert till the order is confirmed or declined.

  • 11
    How secure is my customers’ data?

    We follow a compliance policy which keeps your business information confidential. Your data will not be leaked and there are no chances of errors.