Our features

Menu/items Display

Integrated on your Facebook page, website or mobile app

Fast And Easy Installation

Quick installation of the widget within 48-hours across your choice of platforms

Better Management

Accept or decline orders from a single platform

Easy Printing Capabilities

Auto-print your orders as soon as your confirm them.

Control Your Sale Items Listings Display

Update your menu/product lists or make changes to it, according to your choice

Operate Kitchen/Business Timings

Manage your kitchen/business timings for receiving orders through your platforms.

Ease Load On Your Call Center

While placing an order via phone is always an option, by using OrderPlug you can reduce the load on your call center and make customers hold less on the phone.

Alert Notifications

Issues notifications and alerts till your restaurant manager accepts or declines the order

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Your customer will never leave your website or facebook page. Increase your page views


OrderPlug is fully customizable. Update and change your products as you like. Our team will help you design the widget according to your branding needs

Additional Source of Promotion

Display promotional banners and hot deals on your website.